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reFRESH Coffee & Gelato

Gelato at FRESHTake a break from shopping or meet with friends and colleagues in the reFRESH beverage and gelato bar.

Guests can enjoy specialty coffee drinks, hot tea, Dublin sodas, creamy gelato and smoothies.

Five reasons to take a minute to reFRESH:

  1. Distant Lands Coffee is our own proprietary blend grown in Costa Rica, roasted in Tyler and ground in the store. Try our daily brews or fill a bag of whole or ground beans to take home and enjoy. Plus we have a full menu of mochas, lattes, espresso, iced and frozen coffee drinks.
  2. Italian Gelato made fresh from one of the few authentic gelato machines in the country. Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream that is creamier, denser and contains less air than traditional ice cream. We make more than a dozen flavors for you to enjoy. Molto delizioso!
  3. For the Tea drinker, we have an assortment of flavored iced teas as well as hot teas that we can steep for you to enjoy. We also offer a large selection of loose tea that can be purchased by the pound. Provided by the Teance Company, the varieties come from around the world and include everything from green to black, oolong, white, matcha, herbal and more.
  4. Dublin Sodas have been a soda shop favorite for more than 125 years. Originating in Waco, FRESH offers their line of soda shop favorites including Vintage Cola, Sweet Peach, Retro Grape, Tart n Sweet, Cherry Limeade, Texas Root Beer and Orange Cream. Dublin sodas have a flavor that takes you back to the old days with sodas made from original syrups with real sugar and no high fructose corn syrup.
  5. What else is on the menu? How about a fresh fruit smoothie, glass of wine or cold beer. There are also fresh baked goods like scones, muffins and cookies, along with the large selection of items from the chef-prepared department. And don’t forget we also offer free Wi-Fi while you enjoy your selection and a moment to reFRESH!