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Back-to-School FRESH Meal Solutions

Back-to-school means busy schedules and less time to cook during the week. On those nights when you’re on the run, FRESH is here to help. We can help you feel ReFreshed with some of our new offerings in the chef-prepared section and satisfy every appetite with selections from a variety of cuisines.

With more than 80 fresh-made menu items, anything you purchase from Chef Prepared is guaranteed to be handmade in the store with the freshest ingredients. We’ve also ReFreshed some of our recipes and added many new items to the case.

Green Plate Special: One meat and two sides from the Chef Prepared case, plus a brioche roll.

Lil’ Freshie Plate: In kid-friendly portions, choose one meat and two sides from the Chef Prepared case, plus a brioche roll.

Sides Plate: Any three sides from the Chef Prepared case, plus a brioche roll.

Hot Bar: Featuring a rotating selection of meats, entrées and sides, these items are served hot. They are the perfect solution for a last-minute dinner at home. Help yourself to a protein and side dishes. We weigh and price items at checkout.

Grab & Go: Seasonal soups, sandwiches and salads are made daily and ready to go. Also available, a selection of chicken, pasta or tuna salad; pimento cheese; hummus and other dips. Plus, family meals and kid’s meals, quiches, family packs of tamales, casseroles, spaghetti & meatballs, mac & cheese, and rotisserie and smoked chickens.

FRESH for 2: Take-home dinners featuring the menu of the day. (View our monthly menu.)

FRESH Grill + Patio: Patio dining through November, featuring a seasonal menu. Perfect for casual dining with friends and family.

Sandwich, Pizza & Taco Bar: Enjoy hot and fresh, made-to-order sandwiches, tacos and pizza just the way you like them. Ready in minutes, you can enjoy your meal at home, in the store or on the patio.

Sandwiches are made with bakery-fresh breads, specialty spreads and house-roasted meats with a variety of fresh toppings and spreads.

Tacos are made with your favorite fillings, house-made salsas and flour tortillas. Plus, roasted poblanos, avocados, beans, rice and all the fixings are available. You can also get quesadillas, burritos, nachos and taco salads.

Our newest addition is an authentic Neapolitan pizza oven. What’s the best part? Could it be the handmade dough? Maybe it’s the roaring hot oven, freshest possible ingredients or the delicious combination of toppings. Whatever you decide, you’ll keep coming back to enjoy more of this Neapolitan-style pizza. Pizza is available Monday through Thursday from 11AM to 8PM and Friday through Sunday from 11AM to 9PM.

Ramen, Pho & Sushi: Who needs Chinese takeout when we offer a great selection of daily-made sushi rolls, pot stickers, ramen and pho? Choose from our available menu items, and enjoy your meal on the go, in the store or on the patio. Ramen and pho are also available cold, so you can take it home to reheat and enjoy later.

Each day, our sushi chefs prepare the day’s menu with the freshest, highest quality seafood and other ingredients. Our menu offers modern trends on sushi rolls, plus traditional sushi, pot stickers and freshly made dipping sauces.

Ramen is not just a cup of noodles. With a delicious miso broth, fresh vegetables and a variety of other spices and ingredients, our four varieties of ramen will become your new favorite soup.

Our Pho is made with the freshest ingredients and available in two varieties: Pho with Shrimp and Pho with Chicken. Additional ingredients like soft-boiled eggs, kimchi and pork chashu are also available.