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BREW CLUB Brewery of the Month: Texas Ale Brewery

Fire Ant Funeral BeerTexas Ale Project opened in 2015 and is the first Dallas brewery to be built from the ground up since the late 1800s. A family business, the Stevens family did extensive research on breweries in the Northeast and did a graduate study on craft beer before launching TAP (Texas Ale Project.)

Located in the Dallas Design District, they are a stickler for quality. They import the finest European grains, malts and Yakima Valley hops, along with filtered water. The beers ferment in tanks for 7 weeks to acquire a unique depth of flavor.

Great beer doesn’t just happen, it takes time. The Stevens family is on a mission to refine some of the greatest American craft beer traditions that have been influenced by 8,000 years of brewing culture. One technique the employee is multi-step mashing. “It’s a bracketing process that changes temperatures periodically during the cooking phase to ensure all the sugars are released from the different types of grains. Different grains release their sugar at different temperatures. This results in a beer with more complexity and depth of flavor. Most breweries do not take the extra time and expense to go through this process,” Shelly Stevens, Texas Ale Project co-founder.

Featured Beers:

Fire Ant Funeral: A traditional amber ale complexly built from a careful selection of 7 different malts. American grown hops harmoniously round out the wonderfully rich malts. Balanced without the bite. ABV %: 6.0
IBU: 32

50 Ft Jackrabbit: But expect to be greeted by a surprising smoothness and a composed presence of tropical and citrus humulus lupulus. Only spotted in Texas, this IPA is our celebration of the most flavorful American grown hops. ABV %: 7.0
IBU: 70

100 Million Angels Singing: Harmonious within the realm of extremism. This Double IPA is double dry-hopped with copious amounts of some of our favorite American-grown hops. Pine, resin, and citrus. ABV %: 9.2
IBU: 100

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