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A World of Cool Flavor

There’s a new gelato in the freezer aisle that will take you on a global tour of flavors. Culinary Tours Gelato is creamy, delicious and inspired by flavors from Italy, Tahiti, Ecuador, the Mediterranean and American South.

While gelato itself, originated in Italy, It’s popularity, in recent years, has reached around the world. What makes it different from regular ice cream is a dense texture that can be attributed to the speed at which the ingredients are churned. Less air is incorporated into gelato so the texture is silky and soft. It also contains less sugar and no cream, which makes the flavor of the additives more prominent. The vanilla tastes stronger, fruit flavors stand out and chocolate is extra rich.

Now that the heat of summer is here, there’s no excuse for not trying every delicious flavor of Culinary Tours. Here’s a rundown to tempt your taste buds.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean: Hand-pollinated vanilla plants lounge under the Tahitian sun for flavor supreme. Expect intense vanilla flavor!

Mint Chocolate Chip: Cool mint pairs with rich chocolate chunks for a taste experience beyond compare.

Espresso Chocolate Chunk: A taste trifecta of espresso, chocolate and gelato. Inspired by the cafes and pastry shops of Venice.

Southern Roasted Pecan: Roasted and candied Georgia pecans pack all their deliciousness into this sweet treat. Because every good Southerner loves pecans!

Mediterranean Pistachio: Pistachios are plentiful in the Mediterranean and their flavor is enticing. This gelato is churned with fresh milk, sugar and ground pistachios to give it the signature pale green color and rich delicious flavor.

Amaretto with Amarena Cherries: Grown only in Modena, Italy, Amarena cherries are a sought after fruit. In the gelato they are tart and sweet and you can taste hints of almond and hazelnuts in the creamy swirl of milk, sugar and cherries.

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