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WINE CLUB Varietal of the Month: Red Blends

Red BlendsBlended reds are wines created by combining two or more red varietals. They are typically complex in taste and structure and often express the creativity of the winemaker. There are no regulations that restrict how the blends are crafted or labeled.

Blends usually consist of 40 to 50 percent of one varietal and then a small percentage of one or more other varieties of grapes. The grapes used in a blend are often chosen because of where they are grown, their particular flavors or aromas, their body, concentration and finish.

Blending adds complexity to each chosen grape varietal and results in a wine that is more well-rounded and complex than the one varietal could have been on its own.

Food Pairings
Red blends pair well with many types of food. Because the aromas, flavors and body of the wine vary depending on the type of varietals in the blend, it is best to check with the individual winery to find recommendations. The typical red pairings of grilled meats, sharp cheese or pasta with a heavy sauce are always a good choice.

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