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Shop FRESH for Stanley’s Seasoning

Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q SeasoningsTyler’s own Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q is known throughout the state and frequently garners national attention. Hailing from our own backyard, we are lucky to have the smokin’ and stylin’ talents of owners Nick and Jennifer Pencis, their pit master Jonathan Shaw and the hard-working efforts of all the Stanley’s staff.

At FRESH, you can find their full line of products that include their famous BBQ Sauce (hot and regular), Rib Rub, Chicken Spike and Sweet Hot Pickles.

The BBQ sauce is a staple in my refrigerator. Along with mustard, ketchup, butter, eggs and milk, there must be a bottle of Stanley’s BBQ Sauce. Made from J.D. Stanley’s original handwritten recipe, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. It’s great for dipping, drenching or basting while grilling.

My latest discovery is the Chicken Spike. Created by Stanley’s pit master, Jonathan Shaw, it is the perfect spice for chicken. The ingredients list spices, garlic and paprika. How’s that for a secret ingredient list? I’m not sure what spices are included, how much garlic they use, or if the paprika is smoked or sweet. Honestly, I do not care. As long as I have this seasoning, I will never buy or concoct another chicken seasoning again.

It is now my “go-to” seasoning for roasted whole chicken and chicken breasts on the grill. The spices, salt and garlic are perfectly balanced. When I roast a whole chicken, I combine 3 tablespoons of the Chicken Spike with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and I rub it all over the skin and inside the cavity. Roast at 375° F to an internal temperature of 165° F, and this chicken is simple perfection.

You can also slather the skin with Stanley’s BBQ Sauce within the last 15 minutes of cooking and again when the chicken comes out of the oven. There’s nothing wrong with more great Stanley’s flavor!