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Mateo’s is a March Madness Winner

Mateo’s Gourmet SalsaMarch is one of my favorite times of year. Is it because of springtime, flowers and warmer days? No, it’s because of March Madness. For many years, I have loyally followed the excitement of the NCAA basketball tournament. It starts with 64 teams, and after a wild few weeks, the field is narrowed to 4. It’s unpredictable, fun to watch and certainly requires plenty of chips and salsa.

Don’t just grab any old jar of salsa. This is March Madness. You need a salsa champion! That’s why I like Mateo’s Gourmet Salsa. It’s a restaurant-style salsa that uses all-natural ingredients, and has a unique flavor that is hard to find in jarred salsa.

They also have a level of heat that satisfies all types of cravings. From mild, medium, hot and habanero hot, there’s a favorite waiting for everyone.

Mateo’s was created in Dallas from a family recipe. It was designed to mimic the fresh flavor of restaurant salsas but in the convenience of a jar. Forget the chunky, tomato paste-base salsas, Mateo’s is made with fresh ingredients. It’s great for dipping, as a topping for baked potatoes, stirred into eggs or basted over grilled chicken.

With only 10 calories per serving, you can feel less guilty about game-time snacking while watching the tournament. When you head to FRESH to grab a jar, just look for the jalapeño wearing sunglasses. This salsa is so hot that it has to wear shades!

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