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Hungry for Lunch? Try the Cuban!

cuban sandwich at fresh by brookshiresI will never forget the first time I had the Cuban sandwich from the 2Go sandwich bar at FRESH. It was a few weeks before the store opened in 2011. The chefs were doing a tasting of the handmade sandwich offerings that would be on the menu.

Normally, I would go for something healthy with whole-grain bread, turkey, lots of vegetables and no mayonnaise. Then, I read the description for the Cuban, and my mouth began to water. House-made pulled pork, thinly sliced ham, Swiss cheese, sweet and sour pickles, spicy mustard and mayo on a Cuban roll.

I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait to take a bite. The bread was warm, grilled lightly and basted with melted butter. Inside, the pulled pork was juicy with a slight hint of smoke, and the ham was sliced thinly and seasoned well. The spicy mustard was spread against the Cuban roll next to the Swiss cheese, so the nutty flavors of the cheese melted into the spicy tang of the mustard. Finally, the thinly sliced pickles balanced out all the flavors and offered the perfect crisp bite. All of this is from the girl who usually says, “hold the pickles!”

This sandwich is a flavor indulgence, and unless you have a big appetite, I suggest sharing with a friend or saving half for tomorrow. (No regrets, you will want to eat it again the next day.) Any way you slice it, this sandwich goes to the top of the list.