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Enjoy Old-Fashioned Cocktails with Barsmith

Cocktails with BarsmithOld-fashioned cocktails are making a comeback, and the craft of making these stylish spirits has brought a new line of products that are essential for a well-stocked bar.

Barsmith began as a challenge between leading bartenders in Austin and Nashville who found that no commercial products could provide the taste and perfect combination of ingredients as the compounds, bitters, tonics and syrups that are used by professionals. So, with their help and expertise, Barsmith was born.

Crafted by expert bartenders, Barsmith bar essentials, brines, syrups and mixes make for perfect classic and modern cocktails. They’re made with the finest ingredients at exact proportions. With only non-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors, no colors and no preservatives, Barsmith provides distinguished flavor for truly exceptional cocktails.

Barsmith allows home and professional bartenders alike to create the most pure, enticing and noteworthy cocktails around. At FRESH, you can find the Dirty Martini Olive Brine, Sweetened Lime Juice, Honey Ginger, Simple Syrup, Old Fashioned mixer and Grenadine.

Pick your favorite flavor or try them all. Either way, you will enjoy the best homemade craft cocktails. Cheers!

Moscow Mule

ice in tall glass
2 oz vodka
1 oz Barsmith Honey Ginger
sparkling water
lime wedge

Add the vodka and Barsmith Honey Ginger to a tall glass filled with ice; stir vigorously. Top with sparkling water, and add a lime wedge. You can also use other spirits instead of vodka to make a Gin Mule, Kentucky Mule (Whiskey) or Jamaican Mule (Rum).

View this recipe to print or add items to your shopping list.

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