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Pumpkin Season is Underway

Cucina Antica Pumpkin SauceEverything is coming up pumpkins. Yes, that’s right – October is the month for everyone’s favorite fall gourd. They seem to be everywhere, and I can’t believe all of the pumpkin-flavored products located throughout the store.

The bakery is even jumping on the pumpkin wagon with FRESHmade pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin rolls and pumpkin bread. There will even be a pumpkin-flavored gelato.

Here are some other featured products that you will want to try before the pumpkin season has passed:

ThinkThin Pumpkin Spice Bars: Created by Lizanne Falsetto, ThinkThin encourages people to forget the scales, measuring tapes and guilt. Instead, it’s important to eat well, live well and feel great. That’s why every wholesome and delicious ThinkThin product is full of ingredients that give your body plenty of balanced nutrition and the energy to think positive.

G.H. Cretors Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn: Made without any artificial color or flavors, their priority is to make the best tasting popcorn you’ve ever tried. Each batch is handcrafted in old-fashioned copper kettles and made with brown rice syrup to add crisp sweetness while keeping glycemic levels low.

Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed: This delicious snacking chocolate is packed with delicious pumpkin seeds. Products are non-GMO, kosher and full of protein.

Barbara’s Pumpkin Puffins: A wonderful cereal that is lightly sweetened and wheat free. These crunchy pillows come in a variety of flavors that contain yummy corn, multigrain or honey-flavored rice.

Cucina Antica Pumpkin Sauce: This flavorful sauce is an artisanal blend of peak harvested pumpkin, flavorful San Marzano tomatoes, and an aromatic combination of garlic, rosemary and sage. It is simmered with a touch of cream and made perfect through small batch production. With a delicate hint of honey and cinnamon, the sauce has a well-balanced, earthy character robust enough to be tossed with cheese ravioli, and yet light enough to drizzle over a sautéed medley of fresh vegetables. Simmer with cream for a Cream of Pumpkin Soup. Cucina Antica pasta sauces have no preservatives, no added sugar, no added water, and are made with real tomatoes, not paste.

Doctor Kracker Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Crispbreads: Whole grain seeds and whole grains are packed with vitality, protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. They are nature’s nutritional powerhouse and form the basis of Dr. Kracker’s award-winning flavors. With Dr. Kracker you get the rich, toasty taste of organically grown whole grains and whole seeds as well as an abundance of plant-based protein, heart-healthy fiber and essential micronutrients. All this is in a hearty cracker that can be enjoyed alone or paired with almost anything.

Go Raw Pumpkin Seeds: If you loved pumpkin seeds as a kid around Halloween, you’ll be addicted to these sprouted Pumpkin Seeds. Crunchy, full of flavor and with a kiss of Celtic sea salt, these seeds are so versatile, you’ll find yourself putting them on everything!