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Rise & Shine with a FRESH Healthy Breakfast

Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt paired with FRESH Signature Granola Summer has ended and September is almost here. It’s a time to get back into school and work routines. That means early mornings and the daily rush to get out the door.

So, you hit the snooze a few times; that doesn’t mean you can skip breakfast. There are still some great options that are quick, healthy and easy to eat on-the-go when you are short on time.

Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt paired with FRESH Signature Granola is one of my favorite breakfast combinations. Top with a drizzle of honey and some fresh berries, and it’s almost like dessert for breakfast.

Not only is it delicious, but it’s healthy, too. The yogurt is made with milk from 100% grass-fed cows. They are committed to making the highest quality 100% grass-fed, organic, whole-milk dairy products. With a variety of flavors in their cream-line yogurts and handcrafted Greek yogurts, you are sure to find a favorite. They even have drinkables for an on-the-go healthy snack.

The FRESH Signature Granola is made in-house with organic rolled oats, walnuts, organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut, currants, cranberries, apricots and blueberries. It is lightly sweetened with brown rice syrup and baked in a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, ginger, cardamom, vanilla, orange essence, and canola and sesame oils.

It’s a wonderful mixture of all-natural flavors, and the protein and fiber keep you satisfied and away from unhealthy snacks.

On mornings that are rushed, I pack my yogurt to-go. Simply grab a Mason jar and layer the ingredients – yogurt on the bottom, a drizzle of honey, a layer of fruit and granola on top. It’s easy to eat and will stay fresh in the office refrigerator. You can even make it the night before. With the granola on top, it stays crisp and dry, and whenever you’re ready, there’s a healthy breakfast at your fingertips.