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Holiday Tastings

Holiday MealAt FRESH, we’re all about tradition when it comes to holiday meals, but we also think that some old favorites can be improved upon. So, with our holiday meals and holiday sides, we’ve updated and modernized some traditional family holiday dishes using fresh ingredients, from-scratch techniques and bright flavors to create new classics.

Many of these dishes are now regularly available in the chef case through the holidays, but you can also place orders for your holiday meals at our Catering Department for pickup at your convenience.

This weekend, December 6-7, we’ll be sampling many of these dishes. Just come by and have a taste. Have you tried any of these yet?

Green Bean Casserole: No canned soup or dehydrated onion flakes here. For this rich dish, we make our own mushroom cream sauce, combine it with fresh green beans and top the casserole with onion strips we fry ourselves.

Whipped Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are roasted then whipped until creamy and fluffy with butter, fall spices and real maple syrup.
Citrus-Glazed Brussels Sprouts: A sophisticated side dish, this brings together caramelized onions and sun-dried cherries with Brussels sprouts roasted in a light citrus-spiked glaze.

Southwest Dressing: We make croutons out of fresh bread then spice things up with chiles, pumpkin seeds and roasted butternut squash.

Cornbread Dressing: House-made, sweet cornbread is the base for this traditional, simple dressing with onions and celery.

Green Beans Amandine: Again, no cans here. We use fresh green beans, toasted almonds, and a bit of garlic and olive oil to bring out the flavor.

Giblet Gravy: Roasted giblets in a traditional, thick gravy seasoned with fall spices like sage.

Roasted Root Vegetables: The best, freshest winter vegetables – onions, parsnips, carrots and sweet potatoes – slowly roasted, so they’re slightly caramelized and go perfectly with ham, turkey or a nice prime rib.

Cranberry Sauce: No mass-produced, gelatinous sauce here. We cook fresh whole cranberries with fresh-squeezed orange juice and our own secret blend of spices. (Sorry, I can’t tell you what they are. You just have to come try some.)