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Family Central: To run or not to run?

Blog_101314_Running_270x198When I first started running, I capped out at 3 miles. It was my happy place. Three miles were just enough for me. I was sweating, burning calories and feeling great.

When I decided to try to go farther than my three-mile route, things got a bit tricky. Most experienced runners I spoke with told me it was a mental game. “Running is all mental,” they would tell me, noting that the farther I pushed, the easier the distance would come. Although I doubted in the beginning, the past few years of running consistently have taught me that this is about 90 percent true.

Another thing I have learned about running is that no matter how many races I complete, I have the tendency to procrastinate my training. One of the easiest ways for me to truly commit is to sign up early, pay my entry fee and get it on my calendar.

We, at FRESH, are working hard getting ready for the next FRESH 15 race. Even though most people aren’t thinking about the event quite yet, the best way to commit is to register early, and get a jump start on your training and your mental preparation.

Commit now to the FRESH 15, sign up and get ready to cross the finish line on March 7. Signing up early will not only save you money, but it will also help you start to prepare mentally to accomplish your goal – whether it’s the 5k or 15k. We are cheering for you and are here to help you throughout your training journey. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for beginning, intermediate, and advanced 5k and 15k training plans. Be mentally tough and make the decision to run NOW.