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Family Central: Be Well, Drink Live!

Rootbeer Kombucha FloatStep away from the soda can, buddy. We all know that mainstream sodas are not good for us, but we really like the way they taste. How about if I told you about the perfect compromise!?

LIVE Soda Kombucha began in Austin, Texas as one man’s mission to improve the health of his family by crafting a kombucha that tastes like the soda we love so much! Trevor Ross first experimented with small batches, tweaking spices and flavors until he got each one just right. His kombucha went above and beyond industry standards of quality and probiotic content using only the purest ingredients – always USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair-Trade, and 99% raw kombucha.

LIVE Soda is raw kombucha which aids digestion, detoxifies the liver with organic acids & enzymes, energizes the body with organic B-vitamins and antioxidants, and realigns your digestive system with live probiotics.
Just in time for the summer here is a LIVE twist on a classic for you to try!

Rootbeer Kombucha…ahhh! Float
Pure delight! Pair delicious, dairy-free, egg-free NadaMoo Vanilla…ahhh! Coconut Milk Ice Cream with our fizzy Revive Rootbeer for a treat you can feel great about.

1 bottle Revive Rootbeer LIVE Soda Kombucha
1 pint NadaMoo Vanilla…ahhh! Coconut Milk Ice Cream
2 glasses
2 spoons

Serves two
Place 2 scoops of NadaMoo Vanilla…ahhh! in a glass
Pour 6oz of Revive Rootbeer over ice cream
Stick a spoon in it and enjoy!

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