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Family Central: Aunt Gussie’s Cookies

Healthy cookies? Yes, please! Aunt Gussie’s was founded by Marilyn Caine in 1980. The business originally started in her own kitchen! For more than 30 years, from classic flavors to new tastylicious additions, Aunt Gussie’s has balanced healthy eating with wonderful taste into each and every cookie. And you can pick up your own package of Aunt Gussie’s cookies at FRESH.

Many companies have gluten free OR sugar free, but Aunt Gussie’s prides itself on being considered one of the few companies to have cookies that are both sugar free and gluten free, in addition to their original cookie. They have a dedicated gluten-free facility, certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, to ensure there is no cross contamination from any wheat allergens. On top of all that, they are 100% kosher.

My favorite Aunt Gussie’s cookies are the Spelt Sugar Free Pecan Meltaways. These cookies, sweetened with Maltitol and made with organic spelt flour, are just as healthy as they are delicious. With a delicate texture that melts in your mouth, the toasty cashews and pecans are an added bonus for your tastebuds to these all butter sugar free cookies.
Here is a sweet treat to work some Aunt Gussie’s cookies into your everyday cooking!

Summer Pecan Meltaway Parfait

8 oz fresh strawberries
8 oz fresh berries
1/4 cup sugar or equivalent sugar substitute
1 cup crumbled Aunt Gussie’s Spelt Sugar Free Pecan Meltaways
1/2 cup Cool Whip Lite
1/2 cup Greek yogurt

Cut strawberries into bite-sized pieces and place them in small mixing bowl. Sprinkle sugar over berries and stir. Use spoon to crush berries slightly so they will release juice. Set aside.

Place cookies in zip-top plastic bag and use rolling pin to crush them finely. Set aside.

In small bowl, stir together whipped topping and yogurt until well blended. Set aside.

Divide cookie crumbs evenly in bottom of 4 parfait glasses or other dessert dishes (that hold at least 1 cup).

Spoon a layer of the strawberry mixture evenly over the cookie crumbs in each glass.

Then spoon yogurt and cool whip mixture evenly over strawberries.

Now you can layer the fresh berries as well in each glass.

Before serving, add a dollop of whipped topping on top of each dish to garnish.

Now you can enjoy!

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