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Health & Wellness: Kerrygold Cheese


Kiss me, I kind of look Irish! With my red hair and freckles a plenty, it was destiny that I spend some time on the Emerald Isle. I jumped the pond a few years back but I will always have a fondness for Ireland.

Of course, when I celebrate there is always cheese around. My dear friend Andrew Griffith, whom I consider “the Big Cheese” at FRESH, was on hand to showcase the Irish cheese offerings from Kerrygold at FRESH. In Ireland, cows roam free in fresh air and graze in lush pastures of tender grass. From this legendary landscape comes luscious milk that births some divine cheeses you simply must try!

Vintage Irish Cheddar boasts a delightfully distinctive character.  Aged for three to six months the wheel is encased in black wax to differentiate it from less-aged Cheddars.  This connoisseur’s cheddar, notable for its rich, rounded, buttery flavor and firm, smooth body, deserves a place on the cheese board alongside your choice of the world’s other great cheeses.  Pair it with Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Blends and Syrah.

Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey is infused with robust flavor, Kerrygold’s rich and creamy Aged Cheddar with unique undertones of the smooth, woody, and nutty taste of pure Irish Whiskey. What a bonus! Entrenched in the history and traditions of Ireland, Cheddar and Whiskey are now together in one spirited cheese. This tasty combination is the perfect complement to your cheese platter and is also a unique gift item.

Dubliner can be described as a combination of Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano. The description is quite accurate.  Dubliner tastes of a mature Cheddar with the sweet aftertaste of Reggiano.  Created by Kerrygold and named after Ireland’s capital city, this cheese’s texture is semi-firm and slightly crumbly. Dubliner’s flavor is one-of-a-kind, with a slight spice and sweet aftertaste.  This cheese is complemented by strong reds like Merlot, Cabernet and Chianti, and is also an excellent choice with Irish beers!

Dubliner with Irish Stout is a combination of Kerrygold’s original Dubliner Irish Cheese and its perfect pair, an Irish Stout, are now together in a unique cheese. The classic flavor combination brings out the sweet, nutty, rich flavor of Dubliner and swirls and tumbles it together with the malty, caramel, bitter flavor of a perfect pint of Irish Stout. Serving this cheese to your guests will have them toasting for more!