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Health & Wellness: National Chip & Dip Day Celebration

Chip&DipPrepare now for this momentous food occasion heading our way; National Chip and Dip Day is March 23! I rarely need an excuse to eat, but it’s nice to have one on your side just in case. Chip and dip, this grand duo is a party staple. I personally find much joy in exploring the true capacity of how much dip my chip can embrace on its way to my mouth.

You might have noticed the extensive chip selection here at FRESH. It’s wonderful and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Rest assured that FRESH has a chip for everyone. From natural, organic hippie chips to all of your favorite standard crunchy classics. The granola chick in me gravitated to The Real Deal All Natural Snacks chips.

Real Deal chips find their way to FRESH from a family-owned company in Pennsylvania that has been making wholesome, great-tasting snacks for over 60 years. They have perfected a superb tortilla chip that comes in white corn and blue corn! These chips are made with organic corn and lightly sprinkled with sea salt. Each serving provides 21 grams of whole grain with a bonus of all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher ratings. Ok, so now we have our chips all lined up for the big day. On to the dip!

FRESH just happens to have an assortment of dazzling dip mixes from Foxy’s Gourmet strategically placed on the end of the chip aisle (opposite of the Real Deal chips). These dip mixes come in really cool packaging that has an origami flair that hides some great recipes in the bottom lid. You can explore flavors like artichoke parmesan, onion chive, sun dried tomato, spinach, pesto and an East Texan favorite, salsa!

I decided to dive into the sun dried tomato mix for research purposes, of course. All I needed was sour cream or plain yogurt for a reduced fat version, the pouch of mix and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. I opted to use plain yogurt, mixed my dip up and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. You can even let it sit overnight to encourage all the flavors to develop, but I can attest that it’s pretty good either way.

Now, you have all the tools to properly celebrate Natonal Chip and Dip Day. Go forth and enjoy!