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Keg & Barrel: Message in a Bottle

WineA bottle of wine contains so much more than grapes. It holds a message about the soil, climate and love from the vineyard. Wine can also hold a moment in time, a great dinner with friends or a celebration. It can also be a great way to honor Tuesday. Wine can be savored and enjoyed pretty much any day; don’t be hesitant.

We are very lucky here in Texas to have all the good mojo to produce tasty wine, and not far down the road from FRESH is Kiepersol Estates. Kiepersol is really a food and wine destination in East Texas. Their estate-grown artisan wines are finely crafted to be comfortable to drink, perfect for pairing everyday life with the abundance of the earth. Nestled on 61 acres, the Kiepersol Estates vineyard produces estate-grown red and white wines that capture Old World style alongside Texas pride. Hand planted in 1998 and 1999, the vineyards are the passion of the de Wet family of Tyler.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a few members of the de Wet family, and I consider myself lucky to have Marnelle de Wet Durrett on speed dial for wine emergencies!

Growing up immersed in agriculture, Marnelle de Wet Durrett, Winemaker and Estate Manager at Kiepersol, developed a love for the finer things the land had to offer. After her apprenticeship at Trefethen Vineyards in Napa Valley, Marnelle now shares her knowledge and dreams with East Texas. Due to the unique climatic conditions in East Texas, Marnelle marries the Old World style of winemaking with her Californian background to create the first-class cellar selections of Kiepersol wines.

My friends from Kiepersol have created the ultimate gift boxes just for Freshies this holiday season. Swing by FRESH’s Wine Department to reserve yours and then pick up the Friday before Christmas. They will be presented in a beautiful box ready to go under the tree. You can find several different combinations but here are my top favorites! (hint, hint, Santa)

Bold & Beautiful – $99.00

KE Stainless Cab – Their most bold Cabernet harvested thus far features gorgeous, bold but rounded tannins, rich with black cherry, licorice and dried plums.

Barrel No. 33 – Barrel No. 33 is a premium red blend for wine. Mint leaf and black currant evolve into cocoa and raspberry. The raspberry dominates on the palate as well and is lifted up by the full, fragrant finish of anise and cocoa.

KE Stainless Syrah – With no barrel aging, this wine highlights not only the Kiepersol terroir amazingly but also the inherent silkiness of the Syrah grape. The compelling nose of blackberry, cake batter and thyme gently take you into the heavy-bodied black fruit palate with a long, peppery finish.

Sweet Tooth – $44.99

KE Moscato – A sparkle gets your attention as you first engage this magical Moscato. Your nose picks up lemon zest, apricot and orange moving on to discover ripe pear and Mandarin orange notes. Your palate is alive with the complexity of floral and tropical notes throughout highlighting lush ripe orange, honeysuckle and hawthorn flower mingled with tangerine.

KE White Zinfandel – A seductive palate of fresh strawberries defines the character of this popular light wine. With sweet floral notes and a dried hibiscus tea approach, the palate progresses smoothly through lush strawberries to a long finish of wild cherry and cranberry.

Bridge Sweet Mengsel – The sweet flavors of this ruby red blend at first tempt the senses with a nose of hawthorn flower, dried cranberry and fig followed by Red Delicious apple and dried apricots. Then, you are transported to a palate of sweets with caramel apple and fig preserves at the forefront and highlighted by cherry icebox cookies.

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