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Keg & Barrel: Arranged for You

WineJust when you had finally figured out where your favorite wine was on our shelves, we went and moved everything around. Well, almost everything.

After almost a year of having wine at FRESH, answering as many requests as we could, and finding new and exciting wines that we knew you would want, we found that our original layout just wasn’t going to work any longer. Over the last couple of months, we have been working on a new layout for Aisle 3 to better accommodate all of the new imported wines from places like South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Austria. Some of you may not have even known that we had wine from South Africa or Greece. We don’t have a lot, but we do have some. The trouble is we didn’t have the room to get more, and if we did, where would we put it?

The solution was to create an “Other World” section. You will find this new section where we had our Chilean wines. In it we have put our wines from Austria, South Africa, Portugal, Greece, Israel and Japan. Creating this section gives us the room to expand our selection from the smaller regions as well as our French & Italian sections. We have also moved our Italian whites to the left, allowing the reds to spill over into the New Zealand section.

Before it gets too confusing, let me just run through the new layout of Aisle 3. Starting from the center aisle when you enter the aisle, to the left you will see the new “Other World” section then in order moving down the aisle is “Chile,” “Argentina,” “Spain,” “France” and the “Lay-down” section. Next is “Italy” (whites), “Italy” (reds), “New Zealand” and two sections of “Australia.” Turning around and heading back down the aisle, there are three sections for “Texas” then three sections of 1.5 liter bottles which are now organized by varietal so now you will find all the Chardonnay together regardless it is from Italy, Australia OR the United States. After the 1.5 liter bottles, we have our 3 liter boxes, our smaller bottles, four-packs and 5 liter boxes. Finishing out the aisle is “Moscato,” “Blush & Sweet Reds,” “Desserts” and “Malbec.”

So, there you have it. We think this new layout will make it easy for you to find what you want and also allow us to bring in more wines that you didn’t know you wanted.

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