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Health & Wellness: Enlighten Me with Tea

My curiosity in Kombucha peaked when a colleague of mine was in need of caffeine outside of drinking an enormous mug of hot coffee (This was around the time of scorching East Texas summer heat). I had vaguely heard of Kombucha from friends who drink it regularly, so I decided to persuade her into trying it. After positive feedback from my colleague, I decided to join the Kombucha mania.

The focus is on Synergy®’s Mystic Mango. The words “organic” and “raw” listed on the bottle’s label shouldn’t scare you, as those words are valuable factors in its purpose. If you don’t already know, Kombucha is simply fermented tea mixed with sugar, bacteria and yeast. It is organic and raw in that it is never heated and contains no pesticides, genetic modifications, radiation or synthetic fertilizers. Synergy®’s Mystic Mango is made of 95% Kombucha and 5% mango flavor. The tiny addition of this all-natural flavor conceals the acidity and makes the drink more pleasant.

Fermentation is presumed to be beneficial, as the process develops vitamins, healthy amino acids, antioxidants and several other healthy composites. The produced substances in Kombucha are led to believe in cultivating remedial developments, such as higher energy levels, improved digestion and immune system boosts.

Personally, I drink Synergy® for the energy boost. The boost is subtle but does not have the “coming down” feeling that most energy drinks have. Once you become accustomed to the slight sour taste, Kombucha can also be used as a meal replacement.

Think outside the box, dare to try something new and enlighten yourself with Synergy® Kombucha.