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Health & Wellness: Canterbury Natural Soups

Health and WellnessAmen, it’s finally soup season! The temperatures are dropping, and I’m overjoyed at the opportunity of wearing layers and building a pot of simmering, satisfying soup. The cold front blew right to the soup aisle at FRESH.

Great taste is always foremost in my mind, but there are a lot of other things that mean a great deal to me as well. That’s why I gave myself a high-five when I discovered Canterbury Naturals soup mixes. Established in 1977, Canterbury Naturals made a commitment to using local, natural and organic ingredients, and in the years since, they have been innovators in the food industry. This long-standing dedication to quality extends to green business practices, such as reducing fuel consumption and packaging waste.

They believe in a simplistic concept that when people eat better food, they feel better. When we feel better, we face each day with an optimistic outlook, which in the way they see it is one way we can work together to make the world a better place one great tasting meal at a time. I can support that, especially when it tastes so good.

I decided to take home the Rustic Fireside Tortilla soup mix. The simmering flavor of tomatoes, leeks, peppers and onions along with the spicy zest of chili, cumin and garlic will melt your taste buds.

It was a toss-up between that or the Down Home Chicken Noodle, Roasted Garlic Potato Corn Chowder or Garden Harvest Split Pea Classic. I will get around to those this weekend. The packaging is simple with a clean design. It’s also pretty cool that you can see all the goodies inside, and it’s made with 100% recyclable materials.

Each soup mix offers easy preparation and makes eight one-cup servings. By easy, I mean adding water to the mix in a pot and heating, but I got a little fancy and added some sautéed kale from Chef Prepared and used vegetable stock. I bet Executive Chef Michael Brady would be proud!

So, put on your softest sweater, put your hair in a ponytail and put on a pot of soup already!