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Health and Wellness: Suja Juice

Being healthy can get messy. I first discovered this fact when I started juicing. There was an infomercial involved that was very convincing. Then, there were pulp and seeds flying into the air. OH, then there was the oozing mess on my kitchen counter. I got over juicing pretty quickly.

However, I still had a strong desire to jump on the juicing bandwagon. If it’s good enough for Dr. Oz to mention, then I must investigate further. There are tons of health benefits of drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, and it’s a worthy way to add nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you may not normally eat.

FRESH actually has some great fresh juice options. My good friend and FRESH’s Produce Manager George Flores has a top-notch team making fresh juices every day. He has from classic fresh-squeezed orange juice to apple, ginger and lemon combo. His team also makes some scrumptious mojito and margarita mixes. That is another tale all together.

Also, I’m relying on you to not tell George that I have tried the newest juice drink at FRESH. I have totally fallen in love with Suja juice. You can find it in the grocery department in the center of the store. They hide in an end cooler near the center aisle. Just ask the closest “Freshologist,” and they will make sure you find them.

Suja began from a shared dream to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition. Suja juices are a purely convenient way to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Each of these cold-pressed juices combines vital nutrients with epically refreshing flavor. With cold pressing, the fruits and vegetables are grinded up and placed in a pouch, then squeezed with a tremendous amount of pressure so that every drop of juice is extracted. The result is a nutrient-dense juice with a crisp, clean flavor. Since there’s no pulp, your body is able to easily assimilate the nutrients without the chore of digestion. Nutrition has never been so convenient or delicious.

One of my picks from Suja is the Green Supreme. It’s just three simple ingredients. This sweet combo of kale, apple and lemon is bold and tasty. There are almost two pounds of fruits and veggies in every bottle.

Suja juices can be enjoyed daily to maintain your overall health or used for routine monthly cleansing. Whether you’re new to juicing or a seasoned pro, the Suja Classic line can be a great fit for any lifestyle. Kick off your day with one of the green juices, like Glow or Fiji, or replace unhealthy snacking throughout the day with one satisfying Fuel (a great orange and pineapple blend).