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Keg & Barrel: Techniques to Tasting

Hi, my name is Rhonda Acquistapace-Breland, the Beer and Wine Specialist here at FRESH. I am delighted to be here to serve you. I absolutely love food and wine and pairing the two together to find the perfect match. Drinking wines can be a lot of fun. However, if you do not know the basic steps of tasting, it is difficult to experience the full flavor of the wine. Here are my five essential steps that are important in getting to know your wine.

Look at the color. A white wine ranges in color from a pale yellow-green to brown. Red wine varies from a bright purple to brown. Brown wines are the oldest wines and the pale yellow-green or purple wines are the youngest.
  1. Swirl the wine. Swirling helps add oxygen to release the wine’s bouquet.
  2. Smell the wine. This is the most important step. You can only identify four tastes, but you can perceive thousands of smells. Smell each wine at least three times to get the full aroma. By smelling the wine, you can also recognize defects such as vinegar, sherry, wet, mold or sulfur.
  3. Taste the wine. Is it sweet, acidic, bitter, tannic or heavy? What is the overall taste? Does it linger?
  4. Reflect. What was the body of the wine? Light, medium or heavy? Was it too acidic or astringent? What was the strongest component? Was it balanced?  Is it your style? Did you like it? What kind of food did you have with it?
All of these components come to play in tasting a wine.  The most important thing is finding the style of wine that you prefer. Regardless of the price, if you don’t like a wine, it will never be worth the cost.


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