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Well and Good: Feeling the Burn

Whether it’s from too much sun or a hot stovetop, a bad burn can stop you in your tracks. Summer is here, and so is the sun! If you find yourself the color of a lobster, we’ve got some recommendations to make recovery faster, better and maybe even reduce scarring.

First, Severity: There are three degrees of burns – from first to third. If your skin is red and swollen, but there’s no evidence of blistering, you’re probably looking at first degree. But, if you have redness, swelling and blisters, you’ve progressed to second degree. The last and most damaging burn can effect even muscle and bone. Third degree burns are very dangerous and should not be dismissed without consulting a medical professional.

There are several great natural options for burn relief! Here are our favorites:

Aloe. This is everyone’s favorite go-to for burn relief. Choosing fresh aloe (usually available in floral) or a high-quality aloe product is key. We recommend Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Gel. Complete with a specific polysaccharide for quick absorption, this is a must-have for hot Texas summers at the lake. It’s a smart addition to any first-aid cabinet!

Lavender. This essential oil is a great antiseptic that promotes rapid healing and pain relief. If applied to a burn quickly, it can even reduce or eliminate scarring. If you’re dealing with a bad sunburn, pour lavender oil on gauze or a soft towel and apply every few hours. Even better? Mix aloe with lavender oil and store in a glass container. Apply every few hours for the best results. Combining these two burn remedies increases the chance of healing quickly and scar-free.

Calendula. Did you know that calendula comes from the marigold flower? It works by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the affected area. Ointments are more effective against burns than lotions, and have shown to fight infection in burns.

Come visit the Wellness department for other great options for burn treatment. Even better, come check out our great selection of sunscreens!

**Don’t take a bad burn lightly. Please see your doctor or other medical professional for treatment in the case of a medical emergency.