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Well and Good: The Knobby Root

Did you know that ginger has many health benefits? From inflammation to migraines to menstrual cramping, ginger is a great option for those looking for a natural remedy to pain.

Ginger comes in many forms:

  • A knobby root
  • Dried powder
  • Sliced and crystallized
  • Cubed and crystallized
  • Candied

People in Asia have used ginger in cooking for more than four thousand years. It’s been a staple in their medicine cabinets for more than two thousand years. People in this part of the world know something we haven’t until recently: Ginger can help with a wide variety of common ailments. Ginger’s powerful phenol compounds, like gingerols and shogaols, contribute to its powerful medicinal properties. Here are just a few ailments from which ginger can provide some relief:

Migraines. Preliminary research shows that ginger may help with migraine pain. Ginger seems to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, which can lead to a headache. What’s the best way to get ginger when a migraine’s approaching? Slice three quarter-size pieces of fresh ginger root. Place in one cup water and simmer for about thirty minutes then drink the mixture.

Inflammation. Inflammatory conditions can be managed, and in some cases, relieved by the nitrous-oxide inhibiting power of ginger. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help with symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Menstrual Pain. If you’re one of millions of women suffering in pain each month, listen up! Ginger might provide some relief. In a double-blind study, women taking ginger capsules reported as much or more pain relief than the women taking over-the-counter options like ibuprofen.

What’s the take-away? Ginger might be a great option for natural pain relief. It’s definitely worth a try! Stop by the FRESH wellness department for help with choosing the ginger supplement right for you.