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Freshie Fave: Rutherford & Meyer Fruit Paste

I have been eyeing Rutherford & Meyer Fruit Paste in our Cheese & Charcuterie Department for a while now. Rutherford and Meyer Fruit Pastes are made using fresh ingredients in New Zealand.

This company began in 1996 with two North Canterbury farming friends, Gay Rutherford and Alison Meyer, taking old family recipes which were used for preserving the surplus ripe fruit from the summer harvest as the basis for their fruit paté recipes.

Ownership of the company changed in 2001 when Jan Meyer and Russell Coventry bought the business. Today, Rutherford & Meyer is a small and dedicated team of foodies who are passionate about creating gourmet products that enhance the lives of their customers.

The fruit pastes are crafted in a range of tangy and intense flavors using real fruit and natural ingredients. Fruit paste contains only the named fruit e.g. quince fruit paste contains only quince fruit and are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and contain no added colors or preservatives, they are high in fiber and contain no fat or cholesterol. They have a firm texture and are designed to be sliced, not spread. Once opened, they do not need to be refrigerated and are best kept in the cupboard.

Fruit pastes are incredibly versatile. As well as a wonderful addition to any cheese board they are a flavorsome ingredient in cooking. They are fantastic served with hot and cold meats, make an excellent addition to sauces and can be melted to make a glaze for pastry or meat.

Pear Paste: Divine with a creamy blue cheese
Quince Paste: Fantastic with mild cheese or a soft, creamy blue cheese
Apricot Paste: Great with soft, white cheese such as brie and camembert
Fig Paste: Superb with goat or sheep milk cheese or a creamy blue cheese
Plum Paste: Perfect with aged cheddars and goudas

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