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Well and Good: Heart Health

Did you know that heart disease is a top reason for sickness in our country? More than 26 million people are currently diagnosed with heart disease, and 600,000 people die every year as a result. While some factors that contribute to heart disease are genetic, almost all cases can be positively impacted by lifestyle and diet changes. If you’re overwhelmed by all the numbers and statistics, don’t worry! Your FRESH wellness team is here to help. Here are a few tips that will help you in your quest for heart health:

Sodium. Most Americans eat about 4,000 mg of sodium every day. This is an astronomical number! Eating processed food (frozen and boxed meals, for example) and adding salt at the table are the two biggest contributors. People with most types of heart disease (and the rest of us too) should get around 2,000 mg. How, you ask? Here at FRESH, we have lots of options. Fresh herbs and spices are a great way to add flavor without adding extra salt. Not sure what you like? Visit the bulk spice section or the FRESH produce department. We’d be happy to help you find a new punch of flavor to add to your meals!

Fats. Did you know that saturated fat has a bigger impact on cholesterol levels than actually eating cholesterol? Keeping our saturated fat levels below 25 grams each day will help keep our hearts healthy. Don’t panic! That doesn’t mean that you can’t have that big, juicy steak. Using unsaturated fats like olive and canola oil is a great way to keep your levels in check. Check out the olive oil in our bulk department or our great selection of oils on aisle eight. Our Freshologists are here to help you discover something new!

Get your groove on. Adding activity to your daily routine is a great way to keep your heart healthy. If your schedule doesn’t have room for time at the gym, no worries! Little changes make a big difference. Take the elevator instead of the stairs, or park at the farthest parking spot and walk. If your life is stressful (whose isn’t, right?), yoga might be a great option for relaxing your mind and body while getting a great workout. Here at FRESH, we’ve got everything you need to get started. From DVDs and yoga mats to blocks (for the less flexible like me), you’ll be ready to relax in no time.

Here at FRESH, we want you to be healthy and well! Drop by the Wellness department anytime to discover new and exciting ways to protect your heart, and the rest of you too!

We’re not doctors! If you’re experiencing heart trouble, please visit your doctor.