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Family Central: Italian Way of Life

At FRESH, we are in full swing Italian mode!  Today kicks off our Global Flavors Italy tour, and we couldn’t be more excited!  We have wine tastings lined up, guest chefs waiting to prepare their favorite Italian specialties and delicious Italian food ready for you to take home all over the store.

You can take your family on a tour of Italy and let FRESH do all the planning!  We have lots of delicious Italian items and entertainment your family will love!

So, what exactly is the Italian culture all about?

Italians love to relax, celebrate and socialize with family and friends every chance they get.  They always seem so warm and welcoming to their guests. Most of their celebration and relaxation occur around a table at their home or in a restaurant where they can enjoy the traditions of Italian cuisine. If there are two things that Italians enjoy most they are eating and talking.  As you walk the streets of Italy, you will find people in cafés and coffee shops engaged in conversations about a wide variety of topics. Soccer is one of the big topics of conversation you will hear as many Italians have a true love for this sport.

No matter what the size of the town, there is always one central meeting place of Italian culture—the piazza (square). This is the main focal point for celebrations, festivals and gatherings, and no matter how large or small a town’s piazza is, you will always find people gathered here walking, talking, strolling and chatting with one another.  However, you will find the piazza deserted for about two hours around lunchtime and two hours around dinnertime.  These are the times Italians are inside enjoying a meal.

If you are a real Italian, lunchtime consists of a two to three course meal and a one to two hour affair. During this time, banks and shops close, and you will find the streets to be deserted.  At around 2 o’clock people will start to emerge from their homes and go back to business until it is time for dinner.  Then, once again, they will have about a two-hour dinner and then head back to the piazza to walk off their dinner or head out to their evening engagements.

Italians have it figured out.  Family is of the upmost importance, and they have a true love for food. Here at FRESH we feel just like the Italians! All of our guests are our family, and we have a passion for good, fresh food all the time.

So step aboard with us for a delicious tour of Italy!