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Well and Good: Maintain the Gain

You’ve been going after your goals for an entire month now! Making new habits is hard, but you’ve persevered and now you’re a goal-making pro! As we inch closer to our six-week timeline, let’s look at how to make sure all the greatness you’re feeling now doesn’t fade into oblivion while the Easter bunny is hopping in.

Don’t Lose Your Sense of Adventure. Trying something new can be exhilarating. Once it becomes habit (and it might already be!), you’ll do it automatically. Because you have goal-setting super-powers, that might get boring. If it does, don’t panic! You know what to do…change it up! There’s always something new and different to satisfy your inner adventure-seeker!

Find Your Focus. Life gets busy. There are at least a million people calling your name, and that doesn’t include your own family! You have every excuse to skip that workout or eat that cheeseburger. The question is, will you? There are plenty of reasons to change it up for the day, but skipping things completely might not be the best plan. Habits work best when you follow a schedule. Of course, there are times when it’s just not possible, and if that’s the case, get some rest and make sure you get back on track ASAP. Success is usually derailed by small setbacks!

Review Regularly. This might be the most important concept in maintaining success. Being honest with yourself and objectively reviewing your progress will make sure you don’t get too far off track. Plus, if you’re honest with yourself, you can achieve even more success by increasing intensity when it’s time.

Phone a Friend. No, it’s not just for winning lots of money on TV! Calling a supportive friend can boost you right out of any rut, and get you back where you need to be. The key here is supportive! Calling a friend who will drag you to the doldrums with Ben and Jerry might not be a good plan, but that’s another topic altogether. A true friend will kick your butt into action! Your FRESH wellness team is here for you any time you need a kick in the right direction!

Goal maintenance can be difficult, but so is the alternative! Any time you need a little motivation, just look at how far you’ve come! And you’re always welcome to come visit your FRESH wellness team! We’ve got the knowledge and tools to help you stick to success in 2013!