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Well and Good: Kick it up a Notch

Welcome to week four of our journey! You’re oh-so-close to the finish line!

It’s been tough at times, but you’re hanging in there, plugging away at your goals. You’re doing great! Since you’ve got the hang of it now, let’s make it even more interesting: let’s kick it up a notch!

No matter where you’re at, there’s a way to add intensity. This will power up your results and fight off boredom. Doing the same thing the same way every day for weeks on end does not make a FRESH new you!

Kick up the cardio. If you’re working on a goal to workout more, there are endless ways to kick it up a notch! One of my favorites is to try something new. If you’re waiting to try that new class at the gym or to push play on that workout DVD, now is the time! Adding something new once a week will mix things up just enough to make things interesting! It’ll keep your body on its toes, lighting your fat-burning powerhouse on fire. Chances are you’ll leave wondering why you waited so long to try it!

Kick up the kindness. Maybe your goal this year is to become kinder. This is a fun goal to kick up a notch! Find a person who needs some extra TLC and show them you care! If you’re in the market for an extra challenge, force yourself to show kindness to a special someone who, at least from your perspective, is a little, well, difficult. Bringing a FRESH latte or muffin to work is a great little way to show kindness without going overboard.

Kick up the consistency. If you’re having trouble staying consistent with your goals, this is a great time to nail it down. Look back over your goals and choose only one. Focus on that one goal and make yourself take action toward it at least once per week. Making an appointment with yourself in your calendar is a great reminder!

Kick up the CAN. Where’s your focus? If you’re ready to kick it up but you can’t stop thinking about how you probably can’t do it, you might be right. Shift your perspective! Find something you CAN do and do it! Then build on that success until you leave those “cant’s” to eat your dust! Starting small is the key. The goal is to look back in six months and realize you’ve totally conquered all those fears – with confidence and consistency!

We’re not doctors. Please use caution when starting any new workout or exercise plan.