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FAMILY CENTRAL: Kid’s Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

We all know that getting kids involved with preparing dinner is a good thing. They learn math, learn how to follow directions and best of all, they will be more likely to make healthier choices; but the kitchen can be a dangerous place, especially for pint size chefs.

Well, we have some items that might make that process a little less stressful, oh yeah and fun. These particular items are hard not to notice. With colors like lime, cherry and tangerine they almost jump out at you. The cool and colorful AnimalHouse line is well-designed and durable, these zoological tools are made to last a lifetime and function like professional kitchen gear. Whimsical design and beautiful colors make them popular with adults too.

I’m particularly fond of the piranha pizza cutter! This pizza cutter will chomp right through your favorite pie with ease. The pizza cutter features an ergonomic design made using high density plastic. The handle has a soft textured grip and thumb rest for comfort. The pizza cutter blade is made of 18/8 stainless steel.

This collection includes a toucan can opener, porcupine scrubber, monkey peeler and alligator grater, among a menagerie of other clever tools.

AnimalHouse kitchen gadgets from Boston Warehouse will have you monkeying around in no time! Each clever tool is shaped like a different animal, combining function with style and fun. And they’re perfect for encouraging your kids to learn some kitchen basics. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to turn your house into an AnimalHouse!