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Well and Good: A Good Foundation

Over the next six weeks, your FRESH Wellness Department will explore what it takes to make, and achieve, healthy goals in 2013. From diet and fitness to personal health, we’ll look at important aspects of goal setting and help you be who you want to be in the next 12 months.

Normally, when we talk about goals for a new year, we tend to get a little crazy. Goal setting becomes a competition, not an honest look at our desires for the next year. To avoid the inevitable, we’re starting out slow – at the foundation.

A good goal is just a great idea without actual results. Getting those results can be difficult, but with careful planning and self discipline, it is possible. During the next week, here are some things to consider when you’re setting your goals:

What worked last year? Did you reach a goal last year? How did you do it? We are all creatures of habit, so putting those same principles to work again this year is likely to bring success this year too.

What didn’t work last year? What goals remained unmet at the end of 2012? Why? Whether it’s because you were too ambitious (we all wish we could lose 50 pounds this month…) or you just couldn’t find the motivation, it’s important to know what caused the failure so you’ll be more likely to find success this year.

Top two. Yes, it would be great if we were all Superman, but let’s be real. Getting fit plus organizing your entire home, plus being matchmaker for all your single friends, and achieving personal wellness (and so on) is just too much to focus on at once. Pick your top two and you’re much more likely to be doing a happy dance this time next year.

Be real but don’t back down from a challenge. Just because we say “be real,” it doesn’t give us a license to make weak goals. Realistic and challenging goals get the best results.

What quantifies success? The strongest goals come with parameters. Being specific will help you celebrate small successes. For instance, losing 25 pounds this year is a great goal, but it gets even better when you add in that success is losing a minimum of one pound each week for the first six weeks. After those first six pounds, you’d better believe there’s a reward coming your way.

We hope that you’ll consider the foundation of goal setting this week. Get your goals in shape… you’ll need them next week!