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Well and Good: ‘Tis the Season

Gift giving is an art. Whether it’s a dear friend, a colleague or a neighbor, the holidays give us the opportunity to communicate to others how much we truly appreciate them and enjoy having them in our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes the best of intentions are left undone because the pressures and pulls of the season can affect even the best of us.

Don’t let stress and time constraints steal the joys of gift giving. Here at FRESH, we have a never-ending list of ideas and amazing finds that will wow even the most discriminating tastes. From foodies to granola-crunchers to tree huggers, the FRESH wellness team has you covered for all your gift-giving needs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Bath Salts. Our Zum bath salt bar is a great gift-giving destination. From relaxing to refreshing, there’s a combination for everyone on your list. Stop by for our signature recipes!

Candles. Our candle collection will leave you feeling inspired. From our signature Orange-Vanilla scent to the guest favorite Peace Pearl, there’s a scent for everyone. Include a candle with a bath salt tin and you’ve got instant relaxation time.

Spice Mixes. For the barbecue enthusiast on your list, a new and exciting spice rub might be at the top of the wish list. Our extensive selection of fresh spices makes this gift idea a breeze! We’d be happy to help with recipes and gift assembly.

Gift Jars. This year, we’re offering a wide variety of gifts in a jar! From cookie mix to classic cocoa to bath salts and candles, we’ve got you covered. This is a great idea as a gift for the hostess who invited you to her party or the neighbor who is always there when you need that cup of sugar.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t fret! We’re ready to help you find the perfect gift. With the entire FRESH arsenal at our disposal, we’re bound to make you the hero this holiday season.