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I am determined to achieve snacking nirvana. This takes dedication and practice. I have tasted, nibbled and savored my way through the FRESH aisles.  My eyes are ever trained to spot any new delish dish that may find its way to our shelves. And my newest fave was not hard to spot.

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Lightly Sweet Popcorn is a feast for the eyes and tummy! You can’t look away from the hot pink lettering on the sea foam green bag. Then you see only 37 calories per cup with no trans fats, cholesterol free, whole grain, certified gluten-free. Wait there’s more! You can feel good that Angie only buys fair trade organic evaporated cane juice to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is nothing artificial and no GMOs in sight.

The bag is full to the top with kernels that are beautifully popped and full. You can see the caramel color of the cane juice in the popcorn ridges. An ever so sweet taste greets you with each bite. So, munch up on this tastiest of snacks!