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FRESH and Festive: FRESH Market and Seafood

At FRESH, we know there isn’t one type of meat or seafood that’s best for everybody, or every occasion. So we take pride in offering a wide selection of the finest types available, so you can always find what’s right for you and your family – whether you prefer beef cuts that are steakhouse-tender or seafood fresh from the water.

Here is a snapshot of our FRESH Market and Seafood offerings:


Natural Prime Beef
With  all of the qualities and health benefits as Fresh Natural beef, it has been awarded the USDA Prime grade due to its outstanding marbling and eating qualities. This is our top of the line product.

Certified Angus Beef
Considered better than USDA Select, Choice or Prime due to the 10 additional selection criteria. The top selling Angus brand commands 80 percent of the Angus sales in the U.S.

Fresh Natural Beef
This never-ever beef has never been given growth hormones, antibiotics, or fed animal proteins. Also, no pesticides or fertilizers are used in raising this beef.

Fresh Natural Pork
This pork is scientifically selected by Ph balance. By passing this selection process it is processed naturally and shipped with no added chemicals and no water weight. It has also been raised naturally with no hormones, no pesticides, and no antibiotics.

Ground Meat Products
We grind all of our beef and pork products in-house. We have our own line of gourmet meatballs and beef patties. We also grind turkey daily and produce turkey link sausages in-house.

Other House Recipes
We produce our own products like chicken and beef fajitas, meatloaf, stuffed pork chops and chicken breasts. All of our products, in the full service glass case, are made in-house.

Our over 50 recipes of sausage are made fresh in-house. We use no nitrates or nitrites. We use no MSG and no meat by-products. Our sausage is exclusive to FRESH, meaning you will not find this in any other retail store in East Texas. It is fresh made from fresh products with no chemicals and no preservatives. 

Most of our seafood comes in fresh, typically two days out of the water when we get it. Most other retailers buy and sell only frozen fish.

We carry the largest variety of seafood in East Texas and the only fresh Gulf shrimp in East Texas, when available. To ensure freshness, some of our fish is shipped whole four times weekly and cut in our market.

For traceability, quality and their ability to provide fresh wholesome product time after time, we’ve selected our seafood vendors very carefully. Our farm raised ocean fish are raised in large pens built in the ocean in clear water with natural currents. It is the latest state of the art aquaculture.

Our ready to cook seafood entrées are prepared fresh from chefs’ recipes and made daily. All FRESH Seafood is all natural. No chemicals added.