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Well and Good: Everybody Wants You

As the holiday season approaches, life will get busier. There will be a seemingly unending list of parties and family obligations and a million little things that need to be done yesterday. Stressed yet?

It’s important to prepare your body and mind for stressful seasons. We all know that the holidays are famous for stretching our patience as well as our budgets, so here are a few tips from your FRESH Wellness Department to make things a little easier.

1. Breathe – It may sound simple, but taking time to get a couple deep breaths can make a big difference. Sit or stand with your shoulders back and slowly breathe in as deeply as you can, about 10 seconds. Then release that breath slowly. Breathing deeply sends a message to your brain. What’s the message? Relax!

2. Make a Budget – Part of holiday stress is the fear that you’re spending more than you should. Make time for a budget so that you can enjoy your family and friends this season.

3. Learn to Say No – Yes, it’s true. You’re fabulous and everyone wants to have you at their party, but sometimes it just isn’t possible – you can’t be in more than one place at a time, right? So only commit to what you know you can do well. This way, you’ll be mentally and physically present for each party, not thinking about all the other things you should be doing instead.

4. Get Proper Rest – Lack of sleep can seriously affect your life – every aspect of it. If you’re having trouble sleeping this season, you’re not alone.  Lucky for you, your friends at FRESH have everything you need to get a great night’s sleep. Drinking chamomile tea before bed or taking melatonin are great options that won’t leave you groggy the next morning. Do you have more questions? Stop by the Wellness department for personalized help with your sleep trouble.

5. Hydrate – Yes, we’re constantly talking about hydration. It’s especially important during the holidays. Because alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, it’s best to have a glass or bottle of water between each drink. Your body will thank you in the morning.

6. Take Your Vitamins – Just because you ignored this advice when your mom was giving it doesn’t mean it’s not good advice! Beginning to take a good quality multi-vitamin before the holidays arrive is a great way to ensure you have what it takes. Hate taking pills? We’ve got you covered. With gummy and liquid vitamins, FRESH has something for everyone.