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Freshie Faves: Meyer Lemons

Would a lemon by any other name taste as tart? In fact, it would not! The Meyer lemon is here to save us from the dreary winter days with a new zest on taste.  Meyer lemons are more petite and rounder than regular lemons.  They have a thin smooth skin that gives off an amazing floral perfume and can vary from golden yellow to a vibrant orange in color.  These little beauties hold a sweet secret. They are super sugary, almost like honey, juicy, and have much less acidic tones than the stand by lemons.

Meyer lemons have an interesting past. They acquired their name from a U.S. Department of Agriculture explorer named Frank Meyer.  He brought back a tree from China in 1908 and soon Meyer lemon trees were popping up in California and Florida. After some scientific discovery, it has been determined that Myer lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. Just a little hint, when you are picking up a few to take home, pick the ones with the most vibrant orange color. They will be extra sweet!

You can substitute in a Meyer lemon anywhere you now use regular lemons. You just get the added benefit of a sweeter more floral essence.

Brighten up your soups and stews with a little squeeze or zest and this will help with using less salt. Mix a spoonful of Meyer lemon juice into boiling water to prevent rice from clumping up and sticking to the pot. A teaspoon of juice will also keep boiling potatoes and cauliflower from turning brown. Cut into wedges and add when roasting proteins. Add some grated Meyer lemons to your pancake batter and you will discover a breakfast of champions!