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Freshie Faves: A New Favorite to Our Housewares Department!

We know that we eat with our eyes as well as our taste buds, and what better way to properly present your culinary masterpiece than in a one of a kind serving piece from Rootworks?

RootWorks bowls, platters, and decorative items are carved from a species of Chinese fir called Shan Mu, which grows abundantly in the mountains of central China. RootWorks raw materials come from stumps left by logging operations, the removal of which allows for faster reforestation. The stumps are removed by hardy teams along the mountain slopes and transported to the remote carving villages. After careful cleaning and grading each gnarled stump is then transformed by skilled carvers into the gorgeous and unique RootWorks products we proudly offer. Watching the carvers read each organic chunk of the fragrant fir is a thing of wonder. The rough stump is turned and studied, inner and outer surfaces rough-hewn and balanced, shaved and nibbled with sharp tools until the final form starts to emerge, each one different from the last. Each piece is then carefully sanded, smoothed, and lacquered, revealing the depth of grain, stunning color, and variety of sculptural shapes that makes RootWorks a winning collection. Come by to see this new Freshie favorite today!

Wonderful things that make RootWorks so special:
• Made from environmentally-friendly reclaimed fir stumps with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish
• Each piece is hand-carved by skilled artisans, so no two are exactly alike
• Gorgeous wood grain and colors make these great for a wide variety of serving and decorative uses
• Lacquer finish cleans up easily
• 90-day limited warranty