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Freshie Faves: So good you won’t want to share

I hope I’m not the only one that hordes food. Do you have those oh so special items or dishes that you just don’t want to share?

My list of “hands off” treasures gets longer each day I spend at FRESH. And our Cheese Department’s Yarra Valley Marinated Feta is top on my list. Yarra Valley Dairy is located in the heart of the beautiful wine district, the Yarra Valley, 30 miles east of Melbourne, Australia.  Yarra Valley has won several of awards, including a gold medal at the London World Cheese Awards.

Maybe you have not noticed the unassuming blue tub of creamy, silky pasteurized cheese made from the milk of Friesian dairy cows in the well known wine region of Australia nestled in our Cheese Department. The feta is lovingly surrounded with olive oil, fresh thyme, peppercorns and garlic that gives this delicious cheese a warm rich finish that will haunt you. The feta is velvety and effortless to spread. The essence of the herbs, peppercorns and garlic are wonderfully balanced. All working together to provide your taste buds a one of kind delight.

This is the part of my blog that I usually list a recipe for my Freshie Fav. But Yarra Valley’s Marinated Feta never makes it into a recipe. It goes straight into my belly via slices of our FRESH baked Rustic Italian bread. I suggest you do the same!