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FRESH and Festive: I’ll have what their having

It isn’t too often that I get caught up with a new Smartphone App. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! However, I recently learned of a very useful app that can be a great tool for finding amazing eats while traveling to select big cities across the country. Called “Chefs Feed”, it houses information from hundreds of our nation’s greatest chefs such as Thomas Keller, Mario Batalli and Wolfgang Puck.

Here’s a little background information:

Jared and Steve, the founders of Rivera Public Relations in San Francisco, became frustrated with the lack of up-to-date resources in the food industry. Because guidebooks go out of date so quickly and Yelp is mediated by average folks (i.e. not chefs), they decided to create a tool to divulge the best dishes in a city, according to those that know food best. Jared toured the U.S. for nine months, interviewing more than 100 chefs about their favorite dishes. He says that in the first 3 months, he had gained 25 pounds. Sounds like a job that I could get used to!

Chefs Feed is available for the following cities:

Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Coming soon: Atlanta, Dallas, Hong Kong, Houston, Las Vegas, London, Miami, Montreal, New Orleans, Paris, Portland, Toronto and Vancouver. Sounds like he may gain a lot more than 25 pounds by the time this is over!

When you download the app (for free), you will find a way to search a city’s best chefs along with their profiles and their favorite dishes. It also includes details like the “Feed Me Now” feature that uses the iPhone map to locate the best dishes nearby. Users can filter results, so one can, for example, easily find the closest chef-recommended cheap vegetarian Chinese food while lost in Chicago.

Not only is it pretty cool to know that Paul Qui of Uchiko in Austin (maybe the best place I’ve ever eaten) loves the Classic Burger at Hopdoddy Burger Bar and the Roast Duck at First Chinese BBQ, but you can see his own comments about these dishes and why he loves them. If you choose a particular dish, you can share it, rate it, or plan it (add to an itinerary in your profile).

Even if you’re not planning to visit one of these cities and eat out, it’s just fun to keep up with your favorite chef’s eating habits. Check it out!