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Well and Good: Living With Food Allergies

Living with food allergies (and even intolerances) can be difficult, to say the least. Especially when children are involved, it can be tiring to feel that you are on constant guard against accidental exposure to allergens.

FRESH is a great place for people with food allergies… the options are truly endless! We can help you to not only navigate the aisles of FRESH with a discerning eye, but in most cases, we can help you plan a menu or even give you new ideas on how to make meal and snack times exciting!

Let’s look at two of the most common allergies and simple adjustments to accommodate them:

Peanuts! If you’re allergic to peanuts, you’re not alone! About 3 million people nationwide have a peanut allergy. If you’re one of them, consider trying these options:

Almonds. Almond butter is a great replacement for peanut butter, and it’s more nutritionally dense, too. We grind our own almond butter here at FRESH and it’s amazing. Almond butter on toast with strawberries? Best snack ever!

If almonds are a no-go, try sunflower butter (in the nut butter section) or hemp seed butter. These are both tasty options, especially on bread with organic blueberry jam! Since these are seeds and not legumes, they shouldn’t cause trouble. As always, please check with your family physician before adding a food you’re not sure about.

Dairy. Most people who think they’re allergic to dairy are lactose intolerant, which means that their body can’t break down lactose, or milk sugar. If you’re having trouble when you drink milk, adding an enzyme (called lactase) to your diet should take care of it. Also, eating dairy with added probiotics (like yogurt or kefir) can help make digestion easier. We have both of these options for you in the Health and Wellness department. However, if you’re actually allergic to dairy here are some options to try:

Almond milk. Yes, almonds again! Almond milk is surprisingly similar to dairy milk in taste and texture. It’s good for baking and making smoothies too! If you can’t do almond milk, try soy, hemp or rice milk. At FRESH, we have these options for you in the refrigerated and shelf-stable varieties.

If you have multiple food allergies, check out the Enjoy Life brand. It’s great because it’s free of common allergens like soy, peanuts and gluten. The line has flours, baking mixes, cookies and so much more!

If you’re living with food allergies and haven’t hit up aisle 6 at FRESH you’re seriously missing out! Check it out today and you might discover the foodie in you… even with food allergies!