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FRESH and Festive: Cookout Condiments

July is designated as National Hot Dog Month by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.  In the spirit of celebrating this American favorite, I decided “to think inside the bun” and give some of my best product recommendations on amazing hot dog condiments.  When it comes to condiments, you can be certain that there is no shortage of choices on the aisles at FRESH.

Let’s break it down by top dog categories:


Stadium Mustard – A relatively new one on the FRESH scene is Stadium Mustard.  Fans call it “the best mustard in the world”.  Served and enjoyed at Cleveland Stadium for decades, this mustard now also has the honor of being requested on three space shuttle missions. They use only the finest of spices and mustard seed available on earth.  You will not find sugar, preservatives, fat, cholesterol or filler in any bottle.

Koops – In 1897, Peter Koops left a successful shipping business in the Netherlands to find fortune and adventure in America.  He began simply with a hand-cranked mustard mill.  Using only the freshest ingredients and good taste he developed great tasting mustards.  They offer many varieties from Dijon to their unique Arizona Heat and all use only 100% natural ingredients.

Nathans’ Spicy Brown – Nathan’s began as a nickel hot dog stand in Coney Island in 1916. The original Nathan’s still exists on the same site and every July 4th they host a Hot Dog Eating Contest where contestants try to consume the most hot dogs (and buns) in a twelve-minute time period. Their proprietary New York Deli Style mustard has been a popular condiment for years.  Now Nathan’s is offering “The NEW Coney Island Spicy Brown”.


Burkhardt Curry Ketchup – Interestingly, curry ketchup was created by an American while he was living in Berlin. Imported from Germany, this ketchup has a great curry flavor and is delicious on bratwurst.

Dulcet Ketchup – Dulcet’s brand slogan is “Epicurean Epiphanies for Everyday”.  You will appreciate this when you try one of their exotic ketchups.  They offer Mild Indian Curry, Peppery Moroccan (a hint of saffron, cumin and turmeric combined with garlic and ginger) and Sweet Orange Chile (made with Guajillo chiles and oranges).


Dukes – A southern favorite, Duke’s has been made in Greenville, South Carolina for nearly a century.  Its formula includes more egg yolks than other brands of mayonnaise and has no added sugar.  That combination gives the mayonnaise a tanginess that Duke’s fans have come to love.  This is definitely a Freshie favorite item and a must try!

Baconnaise™ – Two guys had a dream to make everything taste like bacon, from salt to their newest addition, Baconnaise™, available in Regular and Lite.  It has a smooth and smoky taste and contrary to what common sense would tell you, has less calories and fat than regular mayonnaise.


Wickles Relish – “Deliciously wicked”, their secret 70-year old family recipe differentiates Wickles products from all others. They use a unique blend of dill, garlic, and sweetness with just enough spice to make their pickles and relish an interesting addition to your hot dog.  They also offer a hoagie and sub relish as well.

Albertos – Made in Texas, Alberto’s makes mustards, salsas and relishes.  They have jalapeno relishes from mild to hot, corn and even zucchini relish.