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A FRESH Point of View: Zilks – Artisan Food Honesty

At FRESH, we take pride in offering the products of many small, locally owned companies that have a true passion for food.  Zilks, our newest Hummus and Salsa brand, is the epitome of this passion.

The note on the “about” tab of their website says the following:

“We traded Wall Street and high finance insanity for Zilker Park and artisan food honesty.  Now that’s getting ahead!  We hope you enjoy our foods as much as we appreciate making them.”

Long-time friends Jeff Tusa and John Anderson set out to find more meaningful work and found it in a small hummus brand based in Austin, Texas named Out to Lunch.  They changed the name to Zilks, an abbreviation for Zilker Park which represents a place where anyone can gather for a good time and like hummus, you can gorge on it and you still feel good when you’re done.

If you are not familiar with hummus, it is a nutritious dip made from chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil.  A popular staple in the Mediterranean, it is amazing served with pita chips or as a sandwich or burger spread as an alternative to mayonnaise.

Zilks offers  13 kinds of hummus, including 4 varieties made from different types of pesto.  At FRESH, we offer 8 of the flavors:

  1. Original: Traditional flavor
  2. Black Bean Hummus with Lime: The gateway from bean dip to hummus
  3. Balsamic Roasted Garlic and Red Onion: Flavors of the Mediterranean
  4. Hatch Green Chile:  Sweet heat from the famous New Mexico chile
  5. Roasted Red Pepper: A mild pepper flavor without the burn
  6. Chipotle Sundried Tomato: Complex and earthy
  7. Spinach and Artichoke: Sounds healthy, huh?
  8. Jalapeño and Cilantro: Featuring salsa’s best ingredients

We also have their all natural medium salsa that is alive with fresh veggies.  It has no preservatives and definitely tastes like homemade.

Pick up a few tubs of your favorite flavors and let us know what you think!