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Well and Good: Travel Time

Whether you are traveling south of the border or across the pond, you may need to do a little extra preparation before you travel abroad. Different countries have diseases that are known in a particular area. Protect yourself and your family by being prepared. Some vaccinations need to be given in a series or a certain amount of time ahead of your departure.

In the United States, we have routine vaccinations that we all need to stay current on.  Tetanus is a great example; you should have a tetanus booster every ten years.  Once you are current on all of your routine vaccinations, make sure that you have any area specific vaccines. There are some vaccines that are recommended and some that are required.  Stop by Brookshire’s Pharmacy at FRESH and ask our pharmacist which vaccines are right for you.

When packing for your adventure, make sure to include essential medications. If you take regular prescription medications, you need to pack them in their original container with label from pharmacy. These medications are best to pack on your carry-on bag to ensure they arrive with you. If you need smaller bottles to accommodate size restrictions, ask your pharmacist about reprinting labels for small bottles. Don’t forget important emergency medications, such as an Epi-pen® if you need it.  Plan ahead to ensure you have enough medication to get you through your entire trip.

Depending on your travel plans, pack over-the-counter medications to suit your needs. Simple first aid items should be included in everyone’s bag. You should also consider taking allergy medications, analgesics, and anti-diarrheal medication. If you are going to be outside much, don’t forget your sunscreen and insect repellant.

The pharmacists at FRESH will be happy to help you decide what vaccinations and medications you will need to have safe and healthy vacation.