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Freshie Faves: Only the best for my boys!

It is no secret that I thoroughly enjoy eating. And it only makes since to share that joy with my boys. Yes, I have two boys. Rocky and Bullwinkle have been the loves of my life for several years now.  Rocky is the …umh how do you say, the “more fluffy” one of the two. And Bullwinkle is small dog with big name and big attitude.

It was only natural that my boys also reap some culinary benefits from FRESH opening. And they have enjoyed every morels of the best most healthy, all natural pet food made from fresh meats and veggies from FreshPet. You might recognize the name of this exceptional company from the Strut Your Mutt and Yipee Dog Races they brought to FRESH during our charity Steak Cookoff. What fun that was!

What really impressed me was that they tenderly cook their recipes at lower temperatures which helps retain natural vitamins and nutrients.  That makes a mom feel good about what her babies are having for din din. And get this, they source local vegetables and are committed to every component of their formula being natural. The star ingredients in these meals are chicken, turkey, beef, liver, carrots, peas, brown rice, and rice bran. Wow.

There are no fillers such as corn, wheat or soy hidden in the mixture. The meals are refrigerated, meaning they don’t have to depend on chemicals to act as preservatives. You will not find BHA, sugar, and propylene glycol in Freshpet products. Freshpet believes in the difference fresh, refrigerated dog and cat food can make to the health of your pet.

So next time you are trolling our aisles for the freshest food available for your family, don’t forget Fido. Drop by aisle 13 and toss in some FreshPet dog or cat food!