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Freshie Faves: Clean and green!

Usually I don’t spend much time on the cleaning products aisle as a rule of thumb. I would much rather be browsing the cheese wall or drooling at the bread counter. However, I did a double take today while strolling past our mop and broom section. It was the lovely shade of emerald of the eclipse™ green cleaning system that first caught my eye. This system is made from repurposed materials including soda bottles, which give the tools their distinctive green color.

One pole, unlimited cleaning possibilities. Ok, it feels strange to be getting excited about sweeping and mopping when I get home.  But the interchangeable heads and single pole will save me money and storage space! The heads are very easy to attached and removed with a simple push of a button. All products are composed of recycled materials and are made in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. (U.S.A…..U.S.A….U.S.A.)

eclipse™ combines a lightweight aluminum pole with three interchangeable task-specific heads for wet and dry cleaning, and a bucket with a built-in wringer one can’t go wrong.  Even the aluminum handle that each cleaning piece fits on is made of 30% recycled aluminum. The set includes an angled broom, a microfiber sponge mop and a curved microfiber dust mop. Their bucket has a great dip and press ledge that is a wringer to easily remove water and dirt from the sponge mop head. I was thinking about buying the broom first with the aluminum pole and then I can just get the extra clean attachments with the bucket separately. OH no, my shopping list is suddenly taken over with spring cleaning fever!