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Freshie Faves: A platter to pause for!

The culinary path at FRESH is ever winding. I have been shown the way to a many gastronomic jackpots in my short time here. And the one that is by far the most entertaining to say and delightful to eat is charcuterie (shär-kū’tə-rē’).

This flavorsome method of preserving meat goes way back, in fact, 6000 years back! During the rise of the Roman Empire the cuisine started to be refined but it was the French that propelled it to its greatness. This division of the culinary arts is devoted to the making of salted, cured, smoked and preserved meats, like bacon. Yes, bacon. Now, I have your attention! And be prepared to taste much more than bacon.

Charcuterie has been has quickly become a rising rock star. It has found its way into foodie’s hearts and tummies everywhere. And our own Cheese & Charcuterie Manager, Andrew Griffith, has painstakingly crafted the perfect cheese & charcuterie platter that is paired, each week, with a FRESH wine selection. He changes it up often to keep things interesting!

You can order a platter for 2 or 4 at our 801 Grill on Friday and Saturday evenings while listening to our Live and Local music series. Or take it home to your own patio or to bring as a hostess gift to your next gathering.

You will be dazzled by thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma, Capocollo, Serrano Ham and even perhaps some of Creminelli’s artisanal salamis. These savory slices are balanced by an offering of both soft young cheeses like brie and more dense mature cheeses like parmesan. Andrew throws in some fruit paste or quince for good measure along with some whole olives. Our fresh baked rustic Italian bread is a soft mild canvas for you to build the perfect bite upon!

OH my goodness, I’ve made myself hungry again. I’ve got to go eat something!