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FRESH and Festive: Recipe for a good time!

There is a certain “je ne sais quoi” about the mixture of good music and good food that is magical. (excuse my French.) You know there is something about having your senses transported by a perfectly calibrated pimento cheese slider while being serenaded by heavenly sounds. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I have been known to travel states away to be in the presence of rock-in-roll stars as well as travel great distances to dine on renowned culinary delights. However, I no longer have to roam the world to find the perfect recipe for a good time!

I have it right here at FRESH. And I’m willing to share with you. In fact, I formally invite you and all your friends to FRESH’s Back Patio and 801 Grill. One of the many great pleasures of my job is booking the musicians for our Back Patio. Yes, Freshies I’m living my rock-in-roll fantasy.

You can find some toe-tappin times each Friday and Saturday night from 6-9pm. Most of our musical acts are from right here in our back yard but on occasion we play host to musicians from Dallas, Houston or Austin.  We are smack dab in the middle of our Taste of Texas event. And I hope that you have already come out to hear some of our bands. If not, you’re in luck because we have a great line up this weekend and all summer long. And I have the perfect recipe for a good time.

For a Good Time
1 Friday or Saturday night
1 FRESH Back Patio
1 801 Grill Menu
1 Rockin & Amazing Local Musician(s)
1 Dash of Festive Mood
2 or 3 Kids dancing in the aisle

Mix all with friends & family and enjoy!