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FRESH and Festive: Snack Attack

Have you ever encountered a snack attack? You know probably know what I mean. The urge and compelling drive to munch massive amounts of something or anything. In desperate times, I have satisfied my cravings with bags of gummy worms or stale croutons.

After the carnage ensues, I usually am riddled with guilt. This is really my own fault. I’m surrounded by a plethora of healthy amazing tasting snacks at FRESH. Let me share with you my new ever present snack attack arsenal.

Carrots and Hummus
We have a dandy section here at FRESH nestled between our cut fruit and Kit Kitchen.  There you can find lots of pre-cut veggies like diced onions, celery and carrot sticks. I scoop up a package or two of carrot sticks that run about $2.99 each. Carrot sticks by themselves are a scrumptious snack but pair them with our house made hummus and you’re a winner!

This Middle Eastern delight is a primary mash up of chickpeas and tahini plus other goodies. We have several different flavors of hummus on our Dip Bar at $6.99/lb. You can dip your carrots in the sundried tomato, feta and olive, carrot cumin, southwest (watch out it has a kick) or traditional hummus. And a bonus…Chickpeas are good for you. They don’t have any cholesterol or saturated fats plus are rich in protein.

Vic’s Corn Popper-Old fashion goodness in Gourmet popcorn since 1980.
Popcorn is a well established movie time snack. But wait there is more! You can eat it anytime you want. A revolutionary idea, I know. We have tons of different options in the popcorn area here at FRESH. But one of my favorites is Vic’s Corn Popper. One reason I feel no guilt in shoving large fistfuls of their popcorn in my mouth is that they use no preservatives. Vic’s Corn Popper uses a special hybrid white popping corn, grown on farms in the Platte River Valley of Nebraska. I like to alternate between the classic salted version and the caramel popcorn.

Coco Pop
Another monumental snack to have on hand is our CoCo pops. Maybe you have seen this magical machine in our Bakery Department. It is rather mystifying. This contraption shoots out delightful corn cakes. I often times munch on them just plain, dip in salsa or coat in cashew butter with fruit.

Snack on without the guilt but all of the flavor, my Freshies!