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A Well and Good: Under the Nile

Expecting a baby is an exciting time… and it’s filled with decisions. From baby beds to formula to diapers and toys, there is a seemingly endless list of things this new one needs.

And then there’s the rompers, onesies, frilly dresses and other fun things to choose for the newest member of your family to make their grand appearance.

The decision on what clothes and toys to buy might be more important than you realize… especially for babies who are sensitive or allergic to some common additives.

Babies have developing skin and lungs that need special attention. What does that have to do with baby clothes and toys, you ask? More than you might think.

Did you know that $2.6 billion in pesticides is used on cotton crops each year? Because babies’ skin is ultra-sensitive, these pesticides, even in the low amount that makes it to the final garment or toy, can cause major skin and respiratory irritations.

Organic cotton is not grown with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers that can be the cause of these irritations. If you are looking to avoid these, FRESH has a solution for you!

Introducing Under the Nile… a completely organic clothing and toy company for infants and children. Soon, you will see the Wellness shelves stocked with adorable, super-soft clothes and toys for your children, from infants to age 6.

Under the Nile uses organic Egyptian cotton in everything they produce.

Keep a look out for the newest addition to the Wellness department… Under the Nile!